Updating this blog might be the thing that I’m worst at in the world, so I’m typing quickly to get it done before I can change my mind. For the good folks at Backchannel, I profile DataMi, the Massachusetts startup that may well force us to tackle tough questions about the desirability of having our mobile data sponsored by advertisers and others.

In the newest issue of the Washingtonian I’ve got a snapshot of what’s happening with the oft-acronymed trade associations that have, for nearly a century, represented the interests of technologists in the public policy realm. The increasing presence of Internet-native companies in DC (think Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp) is nudging change in the field, as the various associations rethink what it means to speak for technology in Washington. The piece isn’t yet online, though it will be, here, in the next few weeks. In the meantime, as the Printing Industries of America might recommend, perhaps you might pick up a paper copy.

Update: Boom. Online now here.